Skin Lightening Creams For Brown Skin Without Hydroquinone

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Skin Lightening Creams Without Hydroquinone

Skin lightening basically refers to to reducing the levels of melanin in skin. What is melanin? It is a pigment found in human body responsible for the colour of the eyes, hair and skin.

Generally Dark skinned people have more melanin in their skin than compared to light skinned people. The main causes of excessive melanin production in the body includeSkin Lightening Creams For Brown Skin Hyperpigmentation, over exposure to sun, skin disorders, malnutrition, Vitamin defeciency, Adrenal disorder, Liver disorder, hormonal changes.

So in order to reduce the levels of melanin in the body various skin lightening creams or bleaching creams come into picture. So what does skin bleaching mean?, It actually refers to a cosmetic treatment that reduces skin discoloration and evens out the skin tone.

So how do skin lightening creams work?, Hydroquinone is the most widely used ingredient in these creams, usually most of the creams contain up to 2% hydroquinone, but dermotologists prescribe creams containing more than 4% hydroquinone.

The main problem with Hydroquinone is that it may cause ochronosis, that is unwanted and untreatable skin discolouration, this is the main concern for many people these days in order to avoid such drastic circumstance one can go for natural bleaching creams with no hydroquinone, that is the best for African American skin tone.

Skin Lightening Creams For Brown Skin

Some of the companies that produce such creams include EpiBright, this company claims that their skin lightening cream contains natural extracts including that of bearberry and mulberry that combines with alpha arbutin to intensify the radiance of the skin, it even contains Licorice extracts that leads to a more soft and moisturized skin, it has long lasting effects and work on all skin types.

Another company is Meladerm, they claim that their products are made up of natural fruits and plant extracts and can even treat hyperpigmentation which is a mild skin condition whereby melanin forms deposits in the skin, causing patches of skin to be darker than surrounding areas. Meladerm helps heal scars, freckles, dark spots and melasma, which is a condition that causes brown to gray-brown patches to appear on the face and other areas that are exposed to the sun such as the arms and neck.

Another company whose products are very famous is SkinBright. They use Vitamin E which naturally conditions the skin and fights ageing.

Willow bark extract is an anti-inflammatory and has very useful soothing properties on the skin. The two most important active ingredients combat skin discoloration and help to even out the skin tone creating a cleaner complexion.

Bearberry tree extract contains a natural melanin inhibitor, Alpha-Arbutin. This is a natural substitute for hydroquinone and is much friendlier on the skin. Conclusion, The skin can be very delicate, and many products contain harmful, synthetic ingredients which can be bad for the skin in the long run.

To avoid adverse effects, it is important to be patient with treatment as many creams which act fast can cause long term side effects and actually cause more harm than good. it is important to choose natural products which, although they may take a little longer to produce results, will have better long term effects.